SAT. 04.26.2014 · 09:00PM · $10
Guitarist Graham Wood Drout is the lead singer and principal songwriter for these foot-stompin’, blues-rockin’ legends. He writes songs that come from a southern narrative tradition of strong and imaginative storytelling. He incorporates an eclectic mix of southern musical traditions, Gulf Coast Americana, Mardi Gras and Delta blues. Iko-Iko takes bluesy rock and strains it through Louisiana swamp water, coming up with a groove oriented twist that fits right in!
  The Merry Franksters
FRI. 05.09.2014 · 09:00PM · $5
Join Bamboo Room, “Zappa Pete” Weintraub and The Merry Franksters as we pay tribute to guitarist, satirist and the greatest musical composer of the 20th century, Frank Zappa! Composer, guitarist, singer, and bandleader Frank Vincent Zappa (1940-1993) was a singular musical figure during a performing and recording career that lasted from the 1960s to the \'90s. His disparate influences included doo wop music and avant-garde classical music; although he led groups that could be called rock & roll bands for much of his career, he used them to create a hybrid style that bordered on jazz and complicated, modern serious music, sometimes inducing orchestras to play along. As if his music were not challenging enough, he overlay it with highly satirical and sometimes abstractly humorous lyrics and song titles that marked him as coming out of a provocative literary tradition that included Beat poets like Allen Ginsberg and edgy comedians like Lenny Bruce. Nominally, he was a popular musician, but his recordings rarely earned significant airplay or sales, yet he was able to gain control of his recorded work and issue it successfully through his own labels while also touring internationally, in part because of the respect he earned from a dedicated cult of fans and many serious musicians, and also because he was an articulate spokesman who promoted himself into a media star through extensive interviews he considered to be a part of his creative effort just like his music. The Mothers of Invention, the \'60s group he led, often seemed to offer a parody of popular music and the. By the \'80s, he was testifying before Congress in opposition to censorship (and editing his testimony into one of his albums). But these comic and serious sides were complementary, not contradictory. In statement and in practice, Zappa was an iconoclastic defender of the freest possible expression of ideas. And most of all, he was a composer far more ambitious than any other rock musician of his time and most classical musicians, as well.
  Albert Castiglia
SAT. 05.10.2014 · 09:00PM · $12, $15 Day of show
Guitarist, singer and songwriter Albert Castiglia [pronounced ka-steel-ya] was born Aug. 12, 1969 in New York, the son of a Cuban mother and an Italian father. Castiglia's parents moved to Miami when he was five, and began taking guitar lessons as a 12-year-old. As a teenager, he realized the passions in his heart and thoughts in his mind were best expressed through his own music. He made his professional debut in 1990 when he joined the Miami Blues Authority. He was named ‘Best Blues Guitarist' in Miami in 1997 by New Times magazine, a local alternative paper. Castiglia completed his four-year college education and then worked for four years as a social services investigator for the state of Florida. He continued to fine-tune his guitar playing, songwriting and singing chops at nights and on weekends in the Miami area. His first big break came about when legendary harmonica player Junior Wells heard him sing and play and immediately hired him for his touring band. Castiglia accompanied Wells on several world tours. After Wells passed away in 1998, Castiglia, then living in Chicago, found work with Atlanta-based blues belter Sandra Hall, accompanying her on regional and national tours through the late 1990's. Aside from Hall and Wells, Castiglia has shared stages and jammed with Aron Burton, Pinetop Perkins, Melvin Taylor, Sugar Blue, Phil Guy, Ronnie Earl, Billy Boy Arnold, Ronnie Baker Brooks, John Primer, Lurrie Bell, Jerry Portnoy, Larry McCray, Eddy "The Chief" Clearwater and Otis Clay, among others. He struck out on his own and released his debut, "Burn," in 2002, collaborating on the album with his friend Graham Wood Drout. He followed up with his 2006 release for New Jersey-based Blues Leaf Records, "A Stone's Throw." Given that he's young by blues standards and has a depth and breadth of live, studio and life experience, it is possible Castiglia may yet become a major force behind another blues and blues-rock rebirth.
  Igor & The Red Elvises
FRI. 05.16.2014 · 09:00PM · $25, $20
The Red Elvises began in 1995 after singer, songwriter, guitarist and showman extraordinaire Igor Yuzov dreamed that Elvis Presley came to him and told him to start playing rock'n'roll. Not one to say no to the King, Igor and his Russian friends started playing what they dubbed "Siberian Surf Rock". The Red Elvises are a Russian-American band that performs rock and roll, surf, rockabilly, reggae, lounge and traditional Russian styles of music. Believing that one cannot go wrong with “The King” Elvis Presley as an inspiration and with “red” being not only their favorite color but the national color of their native country, the band name Red Elvises was created. The Red Elvises’ sound is constantly evolving, old and new fans alike can expect to be surprised at shows again and again, however the roots of Red Elvises remain the same: Igor's unique brand of humor combined with guitar based rock'n'roll that makes audiences want to sing, dance, scream and shout!
  Big Bill Morganfield
SAT. 05.17.2014 · 09:00PM · $23, $18
Bill Morganfield is the son of McKinley Morganfield (Muddy Waters) and has emerged in the past few years as one of the top young blues talents in America. Bill has played all over the world in the past 11 years, bringing pure joy to those who have had the pleasure of seeing his live performance. Many men try to fill their father's shoes when they join the family business. Few, however, must prove they are up to the task in front of an audience as large as the one that watched Big Bill Morganfield. Morganfield's debut album, Rising Son, was released in 1999 to popular and critical acclaim. Guitar Player expressed their belief that Morganfield's album would have brought a smile to his father's face. The following year, the W.C. Handy Awards dubbed Waters' son the Best New Blues Artist. In 2009, Big Bill Morganfield started his own record company, Black Shuck Records. Black Shuck Records is backed by VizzTone Label Group and serves as the backbone of Black Shuck Records. Bill's new CD, Born Lover, was released July 7, 2009 on Black Shuck Records. CD co-producer (and Muddy Waters' Band alumnus) Bob Margolin writes, "Big Bill Morganfield's, Born Lover, reveals and celebrates his journey and progress as a Blues artist. I find that Bill still honors his father with deep Chicago Blues. He also tells his own stories with original songs, a wide variety of style, and fiery slide guitar. Bill's singing has taken an exciting leap forward in both power and nuance. It's a thrill to hear Bill fulfill." Big Bill's story is simply a great success story. Many have dreams, but so few have what it takes to make that dream a reality. He came from poverty and the odds were not in his favor. But, hard work, burning desire, perseverance, and strong religious convictions gave him the strength and focus needed to fulfill his dreams.
  Roadkill Ghost Choir
FRI. 05.23.2014 · 09:00PM · $15, $20 Day of show
Emerging fully-formed from the desolate heart of Central Florida, Roadkill Ghost Choir make unsettling, powerful American rock, Tom Petty by way of Radiohead and Cormac McCarthy. Set against Kiffy Meyer’s ghostly steel pedal, singer and main songwriter Andrew Shepard triumphantly conjures an allegorical American landscape of drifters, specters and violent saints. Andrew’s brothers Maxx (drums) and Zach (bass) Shepard round out the rhythm section, and Stephen Garza handles lead guitar. The band released their debut EP ‘Quiet Light’ in 2013 in the midst of a touring run that saw them opening for Band of Horses and 2013 festival slots at New York’s Governor’s Ball, Austin City Limits and Shaky Knees in Atlanta, GA. In January 2014 the band was invited to perform on the David Letterman Show, where they performed standout track “Beggar’s Guild.” Their debut full-length, recorded in Athens, Georgia and in their home studio in Deland, Florida with producer Doug Boehm, will be out later this year. The band will be touring supporting the new album, including stops at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza.
  Rod MacDonald's Big Brass Bed
SAT. 05.24.2014 · 09:00PM · $5
A Rod MacDonald concert is an intimate, authentic, inspirational and uplifting experience. From the moment Rod begins to sing he grabs his audiences and doesn't let go. A renowned songwriter, a gifted vocalist and an engaging entertainer in full command of his artistry, his easy going demeanor resonates an appealing warmth and sincerity that quickly creates an intimate rapport with his audiences. As south Florida's premiere Bob Dylan tribute, when Rod MacDonald’s band Big Brass Bed take the stage they create a rollicking blend of blues, folk, country and other roots music styles... they are pure Bob Dylan.
  The Killbillies
FRI. 05.30.2014 · 09:00PM · Tickets TBA
Formed in January ’11, KillBillies are Ben Childs, Zak Hoffman and Micah Scott. Based in West Palm Beach, South Florida, they are all international touring veterans who have come together through a shared love of rowdy, rootsy music that speaks to the soul and has something to say. Playing banjo, mandolin, guitars, dobro, upright bass, saxophone, and a foot percussion rhythm section, they draw on their knowledge of, Bluegrass, Punk, Rock and Country to create their Pogues meets Mumford and Sons dirt grass sound. With a wealth of traditional material, covers, party favorites & original material, KillBillies will play for hours if left to their own devices! Playing Irish bars to rock clubs, street corners to festivals, private functions to concert halls, KillBillies get the party started. These boys make a lot of noise for three people... Expect to dance.
  JP Soars & The Red Hots
SAT. 05.31.2014 · 09:00PM · Tickets TBA
Since starting his recording career as a blues artist with the critically-acclaimed 2008 CD Back of My Mind, guitarist and vocalist JP Soars has channeled uncommon influences into a signature sound. Anyone could simply list revered blues artists like Muddy Waters and Guitar Slim, jazz guitar giants like Django Reinhardt and Wes Montgomery, and uncompromising rock acts like Black Sabbath and Slayer, but Soars has lived the diversity-cutting his teeth touring and recording with South Florida metal bands, and learning the complex style of Reinhardt to continue to perform in \"Gypsy Jazz\" solo and duo settings. All of these artists, and more, color and shade Soars\' blues vocals and playing, whether on his hollow bodied Epiphone six-string or home-made, two-string cigar box slide guitar. In 2009, Soars\' unique approach paid off as he and his trio The Red Hots defeated bands from around the world to win the annual International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN. Soars also won the Albert King Award for most promising guitarist. The group then channeled the excitement of that victory into its sophomore CD, the 2011 release More Bees With Honey. Like Back of My Mind, it received substantial airplay on XM Radio, even earning accolades from Little Steven on his \"Underground Garage\" program. The CD also garnered Soars a Blues Music Award nomination for \"Best Contemporary Male Blues Artist of the Year,\" and was named both \"Best Blues CD\" and \"Album of the Year\" by the Palm Beach Post. In 2011, Soars teamed up with Tampa singer/guitarist Damon Fowler and Memphis singer/keyboardist Victor Wainwright in the all-star blues act Southern Hospitality. Now Blind Pig recording artists, the group released a 2013 CD (Easy Livin\') that earned a Blues Blast Music Award for \"Best New Artist Debut Release.\" The collective tours in-between the schedules of its three bandleaders\' solo careers. Soars also released a 2013 live CD with The Red Hots to document their first European tour (Live From the Netherlands) after recording as a special guest with former Nighthawks guitarist and current blues star Jimmy Thackery on his 2012 release As Live As It Gets. \"When I first heard JP Soars,\" Thackery says, \"I knew he was separate from the rest of the pack.\" A third studio CD, Full Moon Night in Memphis, is due out by Soars and the Red Hots in the spring of 2014, and promises to best illustrate the singing guitarist\'s broad range of styles and tastes. The bandleader has also democratically added a second guitarist, Steve Laudicina, for the group\'s live shows. Factor in a promising new bassist, Pat Ward, and longtime rock-solid drummer Chris Peet (who also works with Southern Hospitality), and the future is indeed looking red hot for Soars.

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